Canadians prefer paper bills

Canadians prefer paper bills “because you can touch it, hold on to it and keep it for reference for as long as you want”, writes Joanne McNeish, Assistant Professor, Marketing at Ryerson University,

I think this is a good news story for print and the direct mail channel of communication. Print and mail helps to preserve relationships and engage clients and donors. It can also initiate a call to action in circumstances when an online one draws nothing more than a move to the trash folder. Jeremy Beavan

Core Skills

Using our core skills of Print , Direct Marketing and Communication we have worked with our clients to provide solutions to optimise there Marketing Budget , We also provide web design , web optimisation,along with the developement of marketing material

Return of the typewriters…

A source at Russia’s Federal Guard Service (FSO), which is in charge of safeguarding Kremlin communications, claimed that the return to typewriters has been prompted by the publication of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing website, as well as Edward Snowden, the fugitive US intelligence contractor.

Nikolai Kovalev, the former director of Russia’s Federal Security Service, told Izvestiya: “From the point of view of security, any

means of electronic communication is vulnerable. You can remove any information from a computer. There are means of defence, of course, but there’s no 100 per cent guarantee they will work. So from the point of view of preserving secrets the most primitive methods are preferable: a person’s hand and a pen, or a typewriter.”

Playing Cards: Custom Made Production

Playing cards as a promotional gift is an attractive and playful fun give away and a very effective promotional concept at the same time. During the card game your brand or product is seen hundreds of times by all card players. It is precisely this continual repetition with playing cards that creates a powerful effect leaving your message imprinted in all players’ minds.

Custom Playing Cards

Playing cards work for you  

Playing cards possibilities are endless. You don’t even need to choose a ‘conventional’ image to put on the front of the card game. Just think of the space you have on a playing card to create an original and personal look. Play your trump card! Why not put your brand or star product face to face with the playing card players or your logo, mission or company photograph in ‘prime position’ on the card deck? Everything is possible with a deck of playing cards… and it’s up to you.

Playing cards in an attractive, surprising shape

Custom Playing Cards
Don’t want a conventional, rectangular playing card shape? No problem. Your custom made card games are available in all possible creative shapes and sizes.  Allmedia likes to give shape to your wishes.

Your card deck pimped up with special effects

Custom Playing Cards
Looking for something with glitter and glamour on your card deck? Special effects such as die-stamp printing, glitter or fluorescent materials on the cardback, gold or silver on the edge… give your card games that something special.

Everything starts with the right choice of playing cards cardboard. This determines the playing comfort, the quality and strength of the cards.

 The playing cards packaging finishes it off

Looking for an alternative packaging for that practical, standard cardboard playing card box?

You can go for window boxes, cellophane and crystal boxes or luxurious gift boxes in wood, aluminium, plastic or leather to pack your exclusive deck of playing cards.
Custom Playing Cards
Your card game can also be included in the product packaging, a bag of crisps for instance. Or on the packaging: around a bottleneck, on a display, in a magazine,… almost everything is possible at Allmedia.

Card Game Concepts keep on surprising

Don’t want conventional playing cards? Allmedia’s card concept possibilities are endless: collector card games, puzzle cards, educational playing cards, magic trick cards,… Who doesn’t like playing happy families games, memory card games and puzzle card games? And who doesn’t dream of a Magic Tricks game that leaves the audience speechless? Our list of creative card games is huge.

Well known heroes on your card games?

You had in mind an innovative card game with an international character? Our sales team will inform you about the licence conditions.

Produce or manufacture your cards: allmedia is your partner

Our sales team will give you all the information you need, to get printed your own card or board game.

Understanding Mobile & All Media Cross Communication

The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets represents an unprecedented transformation in the way consumers access the web and other digital services. This poses a number of challenges and opportunities to virtually every business. Whether you believe that your company should adopt a ‘Mobile First’ approach or just need to better incorporate mobile into your multi-channel strategy, it is now a ‘must-have.

Linoprint C901

A second Heidelberg Linoprint C901 has provided an unprecedented degree of flexibilty in the production of print jobs to meet customers varying run lengths at the production base of all media , this enhances the whole process running alongside the two Anicolors SM74 and 52